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I'm creating friendship community to be yourself. You are not alone.

I'm creating friendship community to be yourself. You are not alone.

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About Me

I’m a mom, wife, and a realtor who strives to live a positive-healthy-happy lifestyle.  I have always been that friend who is a shoulder to cry on, who will hold your hand, and who will hear you out without judging or criticizing. I’m the friend who will go with you on that half-day, out-of-state trip just because you needed to see that “special someone”.

I have also been known to try new things, experiment with new recipes, and will take up challenges that can potentially make me better.  I’m artistic, creative, ambitious, and passionate.

My interests range from raising kids, being a good parent, motherhood; to homes, interior design, remodeling, healthy eating and nutrition, being my best in whatever role I’m in. I believe in dream boards, setting your mind up through positive thinking, and in the fact that each one of us always has a choice in the words we use and actions we take.

Why You Should Join Me

This is “The Emotional Paradise” to escape the daily rut and unwind.  To forget the worries, responsibilities, and things that life throws at you.

I hope you will find that Your Best Friends Place Community is exactly what you need when you need an emotional escape, online friend, or both. You are not alone in going through whatever life has thrown your way – if you need to chat, get tips or emotional support, or just to forget your troubles even if it’s just for a moment – I’m here for you. Lets connect and take it one step at a time.

I  wanted to create a place to share, inspire, motivate, encourage, and support you when you need a friend.  This is Your Best Friends Place Community!  Let’s connect and be friends.

Most importantly it’s a place for you to get inspired, motivated, and reminded you that “You” are awesome – so just be you.

A Big Thanks

Thank you all for joining and helping me create this friendship community.  I can't do it alone.  Everyone wants to belong, connect, be understood, and accepted. 

Help me create the friendship community where we support and encourage each other.  Hear each other out and show that none of us are alone.  It's not hard being a friend and can make the biggest difference for someone who is in need of a friend.

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